Websites & Content

A website is your opportunity to tell the world about your interests or the services you offer. What you say about yourself, the tone and the words themselves speak volumes. Ensure that what you present on your website resonates with your market by calling on the services of a content professional to conceptualize, strategize and create your message.

Small Business in a Competitive Market

Project Manager, Content Creation

We launched the Silicon Valley-based company's new website in 2015, calling on a customized format that showcases the company's projects.

As project manager, I developed the site's look and feel and created the content and marketing strategy in collaboration with the client and the design team.

The client couldn't be happier with the results. For good reason: It faithfully follows what is at the heart of the company's culture: integrity.

Arizona State Museum

Content Development, Production

Arizona State Museum in Tucson is Arizona's official archaeological museum and houses Native artifacts dating back centuries. As one of two members on the museum's website redesign team, I worked with the new formatting to determine how best to present the museum to the world as both a cultural treasure and a museum open to the public.

Website for the Best in Breed

Website Design and Production

The dog lovers with the Doberman Pinscher Club of Northern California called on our services to redesign their old and out-of-date website, including developing new content that better expresses the point of their presence: to celebrate the breed and encourage new membership.

Marin Financial Therapy

Website Design and Production, Content Development

Laurie Buntain is a former financial advisor who now counsels individuals and couples on how emotions and personal history impact our attitudes about money. Laurie called on me to redesign and build her website and create its content. 

Jazz House Kids

Website Content Management

Founded by jazz singer Melissa Walker and Grammy-winning husband Christian McBride, Jazz House Kids brings music to underserved children in Montclair, New Jersey. As content project manager, I led staff through the redesign that used a vibrant WordPress format well-suited for the award-winning nonprofit

Ask Dr. Scapegoat!

Marketing, Website Development, Content Creation

A distinguished academic, this client had an alter ego that needed its own website.

A man of many talents, the client wanted to promote his independently published series of "Revenge, Inc." thrillers while also establishing a forum for discussing what is both at the root of revenge and his specialty as a noted psychiatrist: scapegoating.

The solution: two websites that played off each other yet remained true to their individual focus — one built to market his books and the other a website-blog combination called Dr. Scapegoat, which allowed the client to write about social evils, such as racism, sexism and bullying, and also to answer questions from readers and victims. The conversation, reports Dr. Scapegoat, remains steady, robust and gratifying from this healer's perspective.