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Two Choices for Expanding Your Web Presence: An Affordable New Website or a Legacy Site Update


Why Waste a Website When You Might be Able to Update It

Does your website need minor updating with new or additional content? In many cases, updating an older (or legacy) site is not a problem, with of course caveats, beginning with the code itself. If it's too obtuse, you're out of luck.

But if it is straightforward with basic HTML, adding or updating your content — text, primarily — is possible.

It just takes a few minutes to look at your code and ask some administrative questions to give you a definitive yes or no answer.

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Website Strategy, Content Development and Production Services — in One Affordable Package

Calling on template-based web formats like WordPress, we can offer affordable website development that offers a range of modern designs. What you get:

Strategy & Development

Determining the big picture of what you hope to accomplish, then breaking it down into the pieces needed to get your message ready for step two: content development and publishing.

Content Development 

What you say and the images you use are the foundation of your website. In this step we will fine tune the look and feel of your site, then produce the words that will tell your story and market your services.

Production & Publishing 

Formatting and customizing the layout of your website, followed by production work and publishing services, including the nuts and bolts of dealing with your domain name and hosting service.  

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